Górecki Folk Songs

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The Katowice City Singers' Ensemble "Camerata Silesia"

Anna Szostak - conductor

Jacek Guzowski. Krzysztof Kuraszkiewicz - producers

Recorded in the church of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Katowice-Podlesie at 28th June-1st July 2021.


17 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Ach, mój wianku lewandowy Op.50 (Oh, Lavender Wreath of Mine) 13:17
1 Oh, Lavender Wreath of Mine 2:10
2 Three Maids Went A-Wanderin' 1:57
3 I Would Keep it Secret 1:12
4 Ram Pam Pam Pam 1:14
5 You Want to Know 3:07
6 Why Did You, Mother Dear 2:07
7 Give Good God Harvest 1:30
812 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Idzie chmura, pada deszcz Op.51 (Here Comes a Cloud, the Rain is Falling) 7:08
8 Here Comes a Cloud, the Rain is Falling 1:07
9 When There is Sun and Weather Fair 0:59
10 Wither Goest, Oh Johnny? 2:07
11 An Orphan was Walking Down the Village 1:24
12 Time For Us to Head Home 1:31
1317 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Wieczór ciemny się uniża, Op.45 (The Evening Dark is Coming Down) 7:50
13 People Are Asking 1:26
14 They Cut the Oak 2:06
15 They'll Make Wreaths 1:15
16 The Horse's Treading 1:09
17 The Evening Dark is Coming Down 1:54
1822 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Hej, z góry, z góry koniku bury - Pięć pieśni kurpiowskich, Op.75 (Downhill We Go! Oh GreyHorse - Five Kurpie Songs for mixed choir a cappella, Op.75) 23:30
18 Downhill We Go! 4:29
19 Dark Night, a Dark One 3:40
20 Yesterday, Girl, Not Today 4:55
21 I'm a Farmhand From Toruń 2:04
22 A Storm Has Come, There'll Be Rain 8:22